Friday, June 27, 2014

Survey Sites In INDIA (Only Genuine Sites) -- Part One

Hello Friends !

This is my first blog about survey sites.At the time when i had completed my graduation and i was looking for a job and i had nothing to do for my income then i find out that there is way from where i can make money easily and from Home.So i have joined few survey sites and the reaction of my friends were like-
  • These jobs are fake - My answer was that there is no investment so no problem.
  • You are wasting your time - Ya i know it takes time i.e. 15-20 min,and even that is not for everyday.
So these are my friends reaction and when i got my first cheque , then the reaction were like this-
  • Why you didn't tell me earlier?
  • How i can join these sites.
So friends if you are looking for job or you are employed and want to earn some extra, because it takes no time but 10-15 min. So here i am posting few Good survey sites through which i got paid.

Global Test Market

Global test market is one of the leading company in survey site. Hence it's a genuine site , so you need to keep patience for redemption.

                                                                          Redemption Threshold- 1000 Point
    Reward Amount-  $50      
                    Average survey reward-30-65 point


Toluna is one of the finest survey sites which one i am using for last two year and earned many coupans are cash reward.You can earn from this site as shopping coupan or through paypal,

                                                              Redemption Threshold- 20000 point
                                                              Reward Amount-  200 INR  
                                                              Average survey reward- 1000-5000 INR

The Panel Station

Panel station is the best survey site and this is an indian site . This site pays very frequently and you can easily earn with in few days.But the problem with this site is it's registration is closed now.when ever it will open , i'll let you know about that.

                                                              Redemption Threshold- 2000 point
                                                              Reward Amount-  200 INR   
Average survey reward-50-150 INR

iPanel IN

Ipanel In is MNC Survey company and it's a genuine site . you will get one point for every login and you can earn through survey also. But with this site you really need a lot of patience.

                                                              Redemption Threshold- 200 point
                                                              Reward Amount-  200 INR   
 Average survey reward-60-170 point

So these were the few survey sites, Next time based on your response - I will post few other sites and you can contact me directly on Click Here for other assistance.


  1. This is a good one. Thank you for sharing great information.

    1. Thanks mate ! For more info please mail me at with subject line "Survey Assistance."